Saba Special : A day like no other

02 juin 2017

Inclusive Packages are available for a fun day’s outing to Saba - choose a dive package; a taxi tour with lunch; a solo hiking tour with packed lunch; a guided hiking tour with a naturalist guide and packed lunch; a dive package that includes rental equipment, two dives, park fees and packed lunch.
The cost for every tour includes the Edge ferry fee and the port fee.

Saba proudly declares itself "The Unspoiled Queen" referring to her unspoiled nature and inhabitants. The best way to describe this unique island with only 1400 people is to list the "have nots". Saba has no crime, no high rises, no traffic or traffic lights, no pesty insects, no crowds, no fast food restaurants, no casinos, no cruise ships. Oh, and interestingly, no beaches.
Instead Saba's guests enjoy world renowned diving, a choice of restaurant and eateries, small, intimate hotels and private cottages, all within quaint villages among friendly locals. And speaking of friendly, Saba, unlike some Caribbean islands, is considered to be quite liberal minded all round.  
Hike up to the rainforest, the views are spectacular. There are 18 trails to enjoy.
Diving ( there are 30 dive sites) is conducted under the auspices of the Saba Marine Park, a model park recognized for its success in protecting the marine environment. Saba’s volcanic origins have blessed her waters with spectacular formations and structural diversity. It’s common to encounter schools of tropical fish, jacks, groupers or even members of Saba's robust shark population. You can place your hands into the sulfur stained sand and feel the warmth of this now dormant volcanic island. You can see many interesting fish, garden eels, spotted eagle ray or seahorses.

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