La Patrona : Fine Mexican Cuisine

La Patrona : Fine Mexican Cuisine

06 June 2017

The entire area around the marina at Pelican Resort has been renovated to a high standard and La Patrona is situated right on the marina. From the tiles to the woodwork, from the tableware to the décor, this restaurant oozes classy Mexican style. Dining here is a very pleasant experience. The wait-staff, dressed in keeping with the theme, are all extremely personable and service is quick and pleasant.

There are two outstanding points to consider when dining at this fine cuisine Mexican restaurant. One is the “real” true Mexican aperitifs on the menu, and the other is, quite naturally, the food.
Take time to arrive early and sit out at the lovely outdoor patio; you can sit around a fire pit and watch the sunset, this just adds to the experience. Ask for a cocktail from the menu, sit back, relax and enjoy. You can also go to the bar inside, chat to the very knowledgeable barman, hear his stories; he has some fascinating ones; enjoy a really traditional drink. Try the Mezcales or the Flor Del Desierto – this has rattlesnake poison in it – it is a great drink (think “sip” here.)

The menu has some delightful and recognizable names, like enchilada, these are sublime, the fillings range from red, mole (chocolate), green (tomatillo) and lobster. There is one special appetizer to try; it is an explosion in the mouth of flavours. This is dried grasshopper on guacamole on tostadas! Each mouthful is a meltingly exotic, an experience of note. There are other true Mexican dishes to try that you generally only find in Mexico, from salads and divine soups to the entrees that are taste sensations. None of the dishes are terribly spicy but beware of adding the spicy sauce that comes to the table, make sure you only add just the tip of a fork at a time, until you find your personal “heat” tolerance.
The dessert menu is more typical - the sweet tooth lover will be in 7th Heaven with the key lime pie, the chocolate churros and the perfect flan among other dessert delights.

La Patrona has a private dining room; it is for more “swish” affairs, where 12 guests can be seated in comfort and experience tasting and pairings of some of the remarkable cuisine from Mexico.
The views across Simpson Bay are exquisite, parking is not a problem; dining at La Patrona is a great experience.
Simpson Bay Resort - Marina Plaza - Réservation au +1 721 544 2503 EXT. 5500
open every day de 7pm à 10.30am

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